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The On The Edge Events event day volunteers are known as OTEE Crew.  Our awesome OTEE Crew add so much to the woohoo-ing, high five-ing spirit at our events!  OTEE Crew help make these races possible and allow our trail runners to compete in a fun, safe and organised way.

Why join the OTEE Crew?

It's a great way to be part of the awesomeness, without getting too sweaty.  

People help out for a number of reasons:

* To check out what OTEE is all about.

* A great way to stay involved, when injury prevents you from participating in the event.

* Friends, family and/or partners like to share in th fun, creating a  great social event.

What OTEE Crew get:

* Behind the scenes into our events.

* A free entry into a future event in the any of our Series.

* Heaps of high fives and thank you's from the competitors, along with endless love and gratitude from the organisers.

* The opportunity to hang out with the coolest community on the trails.

What roles will I have?

A variety of things, including but not limited too.

* Flagging Course - have a bit of a trot before the event, placing all important course markers.

* Sweeping - Lets you have a bit of trot, following behind the last competitors

* Course Marshals - Help direct racers on the course

* Parking - Directing cars into spaces, and sometime manning entry gates

* Rego - Be the face that greets the competitors, checking them in and hand out event bibs

* Aid Stations - Prepare food and assisting runners to refuel along the course if required

* Timing - Giving woohoos as competitors cross the line, and ensuring those all important finish times are recorded

How do I sign up?

If you're ready to join the OTEE Crew, please send an email to  We will add you to our list, letting us know if you are volunteering for the Trail Running or the Mountain Biking.  If you have a particular event you would like to volunteer for, please let us know in the email as well.


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