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Race Timing services

Mobii Timing Solutions


On The Edge Events is an Australian based timing contractor that specialises in timing a variety of large participant races. We employ the latest techniques and technology to achieve industry leading results in many different applications such as running, swimming, cycling, triathlon, skiing and multi-sport events.

On The Edge Events uses Mobii Timing technology designed to provide accurate scoring and live race results for running, mtb, swimming, multisport races, watersports, skiing and Motorsport applications.


Time almost anything with the latest solar rechargeable Active Transponder with Bluetooth and NFC, a first in sport timing.

Never stop moving

On The Edge Events offers complete race timing solutions, from small time trials to mass participant events. Mobii hardware systems are designed and built in Cape Town, South Africa - transforming sports events into experiences for athletes and spectators around the world.

Mobii’s dedication to both hardware and software continues to advance Mobii Timing, an end-to-end software offering backed by a complete range of “drop-and-go” NFC, UHF and Active tag systems used to time races, large and small, amateur and professional. Our next milestone is the release of second generation, solar-powered Active Tag technology⁠—a world-first, ideally suited to measuring complex, mass participant sports such as triathlons, motor-racing and skiing.

Professional Timing

Mobii has a range of timing technology solutions to cater for a range of professional timed events.

Timing is made simple with the NFC system, our Active system allows you to cater for demanding events and the UHF system is geared for mass participation. The software and server platform remain the same and you can combine hardware technologies within the same event if required.

Our hardware is designed with a “Drop & Go” philosophy which reduces operational requirements on timing crew.

Automatic camera integration with result data (using a standard web camera) means that you always have a fast and seamless visual audit of results, whilst also serving as a back-up timing utility.

The result engine can be easily configured to handle the most complex event types using built-in calculators to simplify setup and operation. API’s allow you to integrate timing data into third party systems for extended functionality.

The platform provides for a high degree of customization and infotainment utilities, which means that you are able to offer your customers a unique event experience.

Sport Clubs

Mobii has created a simplified version of its timing solution specifically for social and club usage.

Using “Drop & Go” NFC or Active system means that setup is fast and convenient. On start-up, the Pods (timing readers) will connect automatically to the Mobii server to create results in real time. No need for laptops, all you need to time an event is the timing pod and your mobile phone with the Mobii Run App installed.

Your club receives a timing web page where members can register a user profile or view club results.

Club members register a profile once, then they are issued with a permanently linked timing device which they bring to each event. Members can log into their profile and see a history of their personal results or view overall results on the club timing page.

There is no need for members to register for each event as the timing device will automatically enter them into the event when scanned at the finish and produce a result. The club can manually create events easily using our pre-built race templates, or events can be automatically created on a schedule.

Park Solutions

The Mobii Active System can be deployed for permanent usage in Ski and MTB parks. The Active system requires no mats or wire loops, making it ideal for seamless operation in these environments and are not affected by snow or mud. The transponders can either be permanently assigned or rented to users.

As transponders are read by timing pods, data is sent automatically to the Mobii server in real time. If the timing pod is in an area with no internet connectivity, the timing transponder will store the time internally and when it passes the next timing pod with cellular, Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to the internet, it will offload the timing data.

A flexible server platform allows parks to own and manage their own user activity eco-system that creates value to both the park and its users. In-depth reporting and administration tools provide insights into park activity and usage.

Engage with users by creating virtual events/leaderboards, interact with user profiles (rewards) or simply measure activity usage across the park on different slopes and trails. Each user is able to track and measure their activity usage.

Mobii Active Timing Solutions

Mat and wire free

Competing systems will require mats or wire loops to be deployed. This usually involves tedious taping down of wires (especially on wet surfaces).

Mobii’s Active Technology does not require mats or wire loops to read transponders on a timing line. It is designed for “drop and go” deployment and can be setup and ready for timing in less than 30 seconds.

The Active Pod will connect via ethernet, Wi-Fi and cellular communication. It’s internal rechargeable battery keeps it running for approximately 12 hours.

Mobii Active Timing Solutions
Mobii Solar Active Transponders

Solar rechargeable

Competing battery powered Active Transponders will suffer battery depletion with usage and eventually require replacement. This has a significant cost impact on timer’s as they need to carefully consider the average life span of the transponder and the high replacement cost.

Mobii has developed the world’s first solar rechargeable Active Transponder for sports timing applications. The transponder will continuously recharge its internal battery with indoor/outdoor ambient light. Having this additional power has also given us the freedom to implement a range of additional technologies not seen in Active Transponder technology.

NFC & Bluetooth enabled

The Mobii Active Transponder is NFC enabled which means that it can operate with our NFC Timing System as well as mobile apps. You now have access to two different timing technologies within the same device. Start an activity by tapping the transponder against an NFC Pod and finish by having it read by an Active Pod. NFC can also be used to streamline registration processes and is geared for a range of future applications planned.

Bluetooth is primarily used for transponder firmware updates, allowing you to keep your device up to date with the latest features developed by Mobii.

Mobii Active Timing solutions
Mobii NFC Timing Solution

Simple, easy to use timing system

The NFC system is designed with simplicity in mind, it’s fast to setup and extremely easy to use. Use it in professional events, or even for your running club’s time trial.

“Drop & Go” Deployment

The NFC Pod is designed for “Drop and Go” deployment in the field. Attach it to the tripod, turn it on and within a few seconds it’s ready for timing. It can be used as an unmanned remote checkpoint or finish line system.

Mobii NFC Timing Solutions
Mobii NFC Timing Solution

Easy tap to time

When the athlete brings their timing band into close contact with the NFC Pod, the pod will beep and the front LED light ring will flash green to confirm that the time has been saved. The NFC Pod stores all timing data and sends this automatically to the Mobii Cloud via it’s built in cellular module where results are displayed automatically.

Advanced users can connect the pod over LAN to the Mobii Timing Software for professional events.

Running clubs

The NFC Pod is perfect for running clubs wanting to officially time their club running events. Using the Mobii Club system, each member can be registered via an online portal and have a timing band permanently linked to their profile. Results are calculated automatically and events are managed via a mobile app.

Mobii NFC Timing Solutions
Mobii Timing Software

Mobile Apps

Our race management & race result apps allow you to time and manage a race from the palm of your hand using your smartphone or tablet. Set start times, Scan finishers and view results, all on one device. Perfect for clubs that use our NFC platform for their events.

Results are shown in real time as participants cross the line. Built-in media shows that participant's photo finish and even video finish at selected events.

View lap times or checkpoint times as they come in from the field. Know who's leading the pack in real time.


Event requirements can be many and Very varied – so let us tailor an option that suits your needs.
Trail Running

Ultra Marathons (up to 12 Timed checkpoints)

All Mountain Biking Events (XC, Gravity Enduro, DownHill & Marathon)


Adventure Racing

Ocean Swim Timing

Triathlon Timing.

Cross Country Timing – (X Country)

All Sports Timing!

Fun Run Timing Services – Finish Times only.

Start, Finish, laps and intermediate split timing services.
Full construction of your Online entry system and data management.
Online Merchandise sales
 Full colour bibs with chips and pins.
On the day registration instructions.
Finish arch

Display Clock
Finish Times- with overall results and Category results if required.

Team Calculations.
Online Searchable results, with event logo and stats.

Live Display of results in event precinct

You name it, we can time it!

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